I’m going to see Busted tomorrow

When I was 10, I was given the opportunity to go to Newcastle, and see the best boy band in history perform LIVE.  That Band was Busted. And the year was 3000 (GETTIT?)

It was an incredible performance. The band executed their greatest hits: ‘What I go to school for’, ‘Crash the wedding’ ‘Air hostess’ all the classics. They then brought the mood to a solemn halt, Charlie hitting my emotions… he was ‘sleeping with the lights on’ there was not a dry eye in the Metro Arena. It was a fantastic evening, Busted even did a cover of ‘Teenage Kicks’ – it was so original and so 70’s all at the same time. I cheered for an encore, I squealed with delight at their scissor kicks, I even bought a t-shirt; Matt’s highlights looked perfect and glowed in the sunshine of 2004.

I was on a Busted high after the concert. All I could do was chat about Busted. I bought Top of the Pops Magazine. I and my busted fanatic friend even made a scrap book. It was literally the coolest thing ever. For Christmas my mum and dad bought me a busted Calendar, so that each month, I could be greeted with James’ cheeky face.

But my Busted dream was cut short. In January 2005, Busted announced they were splitting up.

Apparently Charlie wanted to take music more seriously. ‘Has Charlie never listened to ‘Psyco Girl?!?!!?!’ I cried to my less bothered classmates. ‘His lyrics are so intense in that song! She’s everything he needs, but he can’t stand her!!!!’ This made no sense. James and Matt looked gutted at the press conference, it was all over, and Busted was no more. I cried. I slept with my light on, listening to ‘Who’s David?’ on repeat on my CD Walkman (how retro is that?)

The years since that fateful day have been hard, I won’t lie to you.

I dabbled with Mcfly. I went to see them twice. Once in Glasgow. Once in Carlisle. It was ok. But it wasn’t ‘3 AM’ good.

I grew up. I’ve been to a few concerts since then. Kanye and Jay Z were awesome. Arctic Monkeys were probably the best thing since Busted on the British music scene.  I even took my 12 year old sister to see One Direction, hoping to recreate the Busted hype. Of course Niall was on form, but Zayne’s heart just wasn’t in the performance, they may have broken America, but they haven’t broken my Busted exterior.

I often ‘liked’ facebook pages such as ‘IF WE GET 10 MILLION LIKES BUSTED WILL REFORM’ I knew this was a con. But my 10 year old self still hoped that maybe, one day there would be a chance… that the impossible would become possible.

Then one day last year, all my hoping and wishing came true.

Busted were reforming. With Mcfly.

Sometimes things happen and we simply can’t find words to express our emotions.

So, tomorrow, I will be reunited with Busted.

10 years later, as a 20 year old woman.

It’s been a long journey, but don’t give up on your dreams kids.