My translation of sexist tweets that took place during the Apprentice Final

After the final of the apprentice tonight, I took to twitter, and browsed the trending topics. To no surprise the trending topics included ‘#TheApprenticeFinal’ ‘Luisa’ ‘Yes Leah’. As I perused, to my disgust, there was several degrading tweets belittling both apprentice finalists. I personally don’t enjoy reading this kind of awful, mind numbingly sexist comments. So, I took the liberty of translating them into powerful, independent, booty shaking feminist power statements. You may thank me later. 



TRANSLATION: Yes Leah! I think you are a fantastic role model for young women everywhere! You can 100% choose what you want to do with your body.

p.s – I’m very lonely and buy Nuts, even though Porn is free on the internet, which I can’t log on to because my parents have an Under 18’s child lock on my computer *sad face*



TRANSLATION: Yes Leah! Wow! You are a fine young woman, but I do not judge you on your body, I in fact judge you on your business skills which you have shown over the past 12 weeks on the BBC’s apprentice. Well done for winning, I’m sure you will go on to have a successful and prosperous career. 



TRANSLATION: Yes Leah! I am mainly an awful person. Well done for winning though! I’m the worst 😦 




TRANSLATION: Leah, you are a strong independent woman. I look up to you. You are fantastic at business and doctor and stuff. #woopwoop 

I think that’s what the creators of these tweets were actually meaning to say. But I hope they just couldn’t find the right words to communicate their true feminista spirit. 


I would also like to congratulate Dr Leah Totton on winning The Apprentice. Keep doing what your doing giiirrrllll #feminista


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